Gluten-Free Food in Longview: No Gluten? No Problem

Gluten-free Longview

The gluten-free label has gotten a lot of press lately. While “gluten-free” isn’t synonymous with “healthy,” as some advertisers would have you believe, it can be a way to eat healthier. For people with celiac disease, it is particularly important to avoid foods with gluten. Since gluten is found in wheat and related products, cutting it out can make it easier to cut down on carbs and calories. Whether it’s celiac symptoms or love handles you’re trying to keep at bay, Longview, TX has several tasty options for gluten-free grub.

Hick and Frog

This French-style café in Longview features a délicieuse selection of palate-pleasing cuisine. At Hick and Frog, the menu changes every two weeks, so keep an eye out for new gluten-free options to appear. Chef Anne makes use of her French heritage to create an irresistible combination of Texas comfort and French flare. A popular gluten-free dish that’s been featured is the quinoa egg bowl. Enjoy an aesthetically arranged bowl of tri-color quinoa, kale, sugar snap peas, radishes, avocado, soft-boiled egg, and pecorino cheese dressing.

BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse

You don’t have to settle for bland just because you’re eating gluten-free. Visit BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse for hearty, American-style food that tastes as good as it sounds. There are lots of sans gluten options at BJ’s. All of their loaded burgers come with fire-grilled patties, bubbling cheese, and offer a gluten-free bun on request. If you want flavor without using a cheat day, opt for the gluten-free thin crust cheese pizza. At only 130 calories per slice, this 10-inch pizza will leave you feeling satisfied, not regretful.

Speaking of diet, BJ’s features an EnLIGHTened menu with low-calorie, healthy dishes. Several of these are gluten-free. Look for the green “GF” symbol on the menu for other no-gluten options.

Jack’s Natural Food and Store

Get food for now and for later at Jack’s Natural Food and Store. This shop caters to the health-conscious and carries a selection of organic, fresh, and gluten-free food. Stop in for lunch and try one of their sandwiches or wraps. All sandwiches are served on toasted organic Ezekiel Sprouted Whole Grain Bread. For people with mild-to-moderate gluten sensitivities, sprouted bread can be a good alternative to regular bread. If you’d rather cut out the gluten altogether, ask for any sandwich or wrap on a gluten-free bun or tortilla.

For a rich and delicious treat, try the Big Cheese sandwich. It’s a combination of cream cheese, black olives, tomato, Swiss and Monterrey Jack cheeses, spinach, mayo, and spike seasoning. The restaurant also offers salads, juices, smoothies, and a kids’ menu.


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