Longview Transit Is Here To Help You Get Around!

Longview Transit

Many residents may not know, but Longview has its own transit operation that gives their services to help citizens get around town. You can take advantage of this amazing service, and begin supporting the Longview Transit. Don’t waste your gas any longer, and begin riding the Longview transit.

How to Ride

To ride the Transit you have to wait for it at one of our designated bus stops. There, you will have to have your pass ready or your payment for the ride. Each ride is $1.25 and is only taken in cash. If you plan on riding with us a lot in one day then you may want to invest in a pass to avoid having to pay every time you board. The pass is only $3 and is good for all day! The Transit is available everyday of the week until a little after 7, and is closed on most all holidays.


They offer rides on their fixed routes that run daily and only stop at designated areas. They also have the paratransit that comes to pick up passengers who have specific destinations and can’t make it to the daily running bus stops. Every vehicle offers support for disabled individuals and can accommodate for what they need to. No matter the situation, the employees will help in whatever way they can.


Are you looking for a job in the Longview area? Then the Longview Transit is a great place to work. The employees are dedicated to their job and can tell you how much they love doing what they do. Call 903-753-2287 for more information on how to get started with Longview Transit.

Ride the Longview Transit

Be sure to ride the Longview Transit to help you save gas and money! Also, come by Gorman McCracken Mazda for all your vehicle needs and concerns. Our professionals can take care of your car needs and have you back on the road in no time.