Perfect Fast Food Kick Locations in Longview

fast food Tacos

The craving for places like Taco Bell, McDonald’s, or Pizza Hut can be a craving like no other. The only thing all these places have in common though, is that they are your ultimate guilty pleasure for fast service. If you are in the Longview area and looking for the best places to kick all your dire fast food cravings, you mist make a stop by these spots.

Chicken Express

Home of the legendary express chicken tenders and the sweetest tea in all the land, this fast food joint should be on the top of your list. Chicken Express strives to provide all its customers with best quality food and outstanding services. Chicken Express has been serving the great people of the state of Texas since 1988. In fact, this business was one of the original chicken fast food delivery businesses!

Each tender is freshly made daily and marinated preciously. Next, it is then dipped into their special sauce and fried to perfection. Then, it’s ready to eat! For a look at their tasty menu options, check out this link here! So, the next time you are craving some delicious fried chicken, make sure you check out this fast food destination.


Known for their authentic yet fast style comfort food, Grandy’s is the perfect way to curb your craving. At Grandy’s, their goal is to more than serve food – they serve you as well! With doors wide open since 1972, this fast food place is more than just another “burger joint” that turns out mass-produced food at “breakneck speeds”. The food made at Grandy’s is quality, and you can taste the love in every bite!

With more than 60 locations in the US today, you can enjoy all three meals daily! More than 30 years ago, the creators of this place distinguished that the taste of a delicious homemade country fried steak was hard to duplicate. However, after years of perfecting the recipe, they’ve taken fried foods to another level! For a look at their full menu and combos, check out this link here to see just what you are missing out on!

Jucy’s Taco

Jucy’s Taco has finally joined the Jucy’s hamburger family – and the people of Eastern Texas couldn’t be more thrilled. Like the original chain, all Jucy’s are family owned and operated. Each taco is made fresh daily with tons of love and tasty ingredients. They take pride in using certified Angus beef that is seasoned to perfection and prepared throughout each day. Enjoy their homemade refried beans and locally bought tortilla shells for all your Mexican cuisine pleasures. For a look at their total menu and offers to check out this link here.

Gorman McCracken Mazda

If you are looking for reliable transportation to get you to each drive-thru, look no further. Be sure to check out Gorman McCracken Mazda for all your automotive needs!