Rock n’ Roll Saturday at The Center For Earth and Space Science Education

Rock n' Roll Saturday

The Center for Earth and Space Science Education is putting on Rock n’ Roll Saturday on the 21st that will give you the opportunity to learn about space and how it works while at the same time have an amusement park experience unlike any other. You are sure to enjoy this event whether you want to learn more about space or are just looking for a thrill. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity.

What They Offer

When you come out to this event you will be able to enjoy the “SpacePark360” at 7 p.m. and “Rock on Demand” at 8 p.m. Both offer a great thrill ride and a unique visual experience as you discover things about space you never knew. Musical Selections change from month to month, so you don’t know what you will get when you visit.


This attraction takes viewers on a high thrill ride through the solar system as you experience space up close and personal. Full-dome technology combined with all kinds of thrill ride machines enable the viewer to have a unique and thrilling experience unlike any other.

Rock on Demand

Enjoy the entire 40-ft dome theater filled with incredible graphics that are displayed in a 360-degree view. You will hear rock hits from artist like the Beatles, Rolling Stones, The Doors, and Aerosmith as they are played through the 16,000-watt surround sound system. You will be up close and personal with different aspects of space to give you the experience of actually being there.

Don’t Miss Out on Rock n’ Roll Saturday!

Be sure to come out to this event to enjoy the displays at it doesn’t happen often. Also, on your way there be sure to stop by Gorman McCracken Mazda for all your vehicle needs or concerns. You won’t be disappointed when you stop by and let our professionals get you back on the road.